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Are you in need of some permaculture inspiration?

We use many internet and facebook sites as our inspiration to spark our own creativity and interest. With an open mind we then suddenly see beauty and possibilities in our own “junk” lying around, which then turn into great little projects. The thing I like about facebook is that you are treated to daily updates and inspiring pictures and movies of some great subjects and websites. Like us and we’ll update you from our side. Below some of our permaculture inspiration.
List of inspiring documentaries
·    The documentary series BBC Life
·    All documentaries of The River Cottage
Hugh Fernley Whittenstal is a successfull chef moving to the country side to become completely self sufficient and set up a restaurant.
·    A Farm for the Future
A necessary and positive view on a new way of farming
·    Aquaponics Made Easy
A clear and good explanation on maiking your own aquaponics system.
·    BBC Horizon
o    How Many People Can Live on Earth
o    The Truth about Fat
·    BBC: Secrets of the Superbrands part 1, 2 en 3
·    Urban Permaculture with Geoff Lawton
·    Blue Gold – World Water Wars
On the situation of our drinking water
·    Controlling Our Food
A documentary on GMO’s and the role of Monsanto
·    Doomsday Preppers
Have to look at it with a sense of humor. How far people can go in their line of thinking; it shows a picture of people preparing in different ways for different doom scenario’s.
·    Economics of Happiness
A fabulous documentary on the economy. It doesn’t only show where we go wrong, but also offers solutions.
·    Garbage Warrior
Great and inspiring documentary on an architect in New Mexico building self sustainable housing (earth ships) using lots of recycled materials and his path.
·    Gasland
A documentary on fracturing (a way of getting gas from the earth) and the consequences for the environment.
·    Green Gold- Documentaire door John D. Liu
Again a documentary very high on our list. It shows how, within a period of 10 years, a depleted and exhausted nature area has come back to live. When nature recovered, flora and fauna came back and local people became healthier and richer because of the biodiversity returning.
·    Inside Job
This documentary gives a clear explanation on what happened during the crisis in 2008 on a world economic level and what the consequence is of the deregulation of the governments.
·    One Peace At A Time
A man travels the world and documents the solutions of people to problems such as water and food shortages.
·    BBC: The Foods That Make Billions – Cereals
An insight in the gigantic industry of cornflakes worldwide.
·    BBC The Foods That Make Billions – Yogurt
An insight in the gigantic industry of yoghurt worldwide.
You Tube:
You Tube is fantastic for finding information ons o many subjects. We sometimes refer to ourselves as youtube farmers. When we don’t know how to do something, we watch a few youtube’s first and on we go. We figured out how to install our electric solar fence, how to cut the wings of our ducks so they wouldn’t fly to the swimming pool anymore, how to put together our washing machine bike, see below a few subjects what to look for:
·    Permaculture
o    Look especially for Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton
·    Bicycle washing machien
o    Look for  “lave linge a pedales” or “bicycle washing machine”
·    Well be creative and go ahead for all those subjects you are interested in.

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