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We love food, not only to grow it, but also to eat it. However we have become painfully aware of the situation and circumstances under which much of our food is grown, not only our animals, but also our fruit and vegetables. We watched many documentaries and read a lot of articles about nature, farming and food. The high consumption, the speed of our society and the demand for cheap produce have created large industries which are able to provide for us. But it comes at a high cost. The conditions in which many animals are raised for the meat industry are awful and the big monoculture industry growing our grains and vegetables is depleting our land systematically and destroying the local habitat. Our first reaction to all these depressing messages was to stop consuming “bad” food and produce, but this list was rapidly growing and also ended up not giving us a satisfying diet anymore. Then we slowly started to feel the need to act in stead of only react. To make use of our circumstances in a creative way. We are lucky enough to live on a property with lots of land where it is possible to grow our own food and we live in a part of the world where there are many small scaled farms around to buy local produced foods. However we also decided we didn’t want to become strictly dogmatic in our behaviour and keep a level of flexibility. We learn and do our best, but don’t have to be perfect, so it is alright to once in a while have a mango or an avocado, even though it is not locally grown.

Our harvest is growing every year. If it would just be for the two of us, we would be pretty close to being self sufficient, but we love to share. Of course we harvest our veggie garden empty during the summer time and share it with our guests. The fruit trees are, dependent on the season, sometimes so abundant that dozens of kilos of figs and cherries are shared with the wasps, chickens and pigs and we have plans for friends of the garden to come and share the harvest with us, so stay on the lookout, you might be able to fill up a bucket or two and start making your own jam.

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⦁    Tour and lunch or dinner (by appointment)
We have had great encounters during our garden tours and lunch/dinner where groups come for a tour à la carte followed by a lunch or dinner with local food. It is a nice way to enjoy an afternoon together as a group, family or friends. We can discuss the subject you would like the garden tour to be about. Lunch or dinner is made with organic and local meat and vegetables, all freshly homemade (we can also cater for vegetarians, vegans, halal and/or gluten free). Min. amount 6 people. Costs €25 p.p. for the tour and dinner.


Simply Bed & Breakfast, St. Jean de Duras, South West France

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Come and visit our 5 hectare permaculture garden. A lovely outing for friends, the entire family, groups or schools. Regular guided tours and workshops. Situated in Saint Jean de Duras, between Bergerac, Duras & Eymet on the border of the Lot et Garonne et Dordogne departments

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