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What Simply Permaculture wants to show and share with you is our enthusiasm for the land and how much fun it is to grow and cook your own food. We hope to inspire you, even if only a little bit, to take some fun projects at home with you. No matter if you have only a balcony or a tiny garden. With only a few pots you can grow your own tea and salad already. During your visit we bring you along demonstration sites of m2 gardening, flower and tea spirals, a chickentractor, swales, edible forest edges, water management systems, how to make good use of your live stock, edible flowers, lasagne gardening and more. We are happy to share not only our successes with you, but also where we went wrong or what didn’t work. We try to make it fun, interesting and interactive with questions and fun facts. We hope to give you new ideas and will try to spark your imagination and creativity, not only for adults but also for children. We’ve set up a tour through the garden with explanations and back ground information as well as a fun challenges for the kids.

Our garden is big and the projects are planted throughout the years. It gives a good opportunity to see its development throughout time. If you are interested in learning more you can join us for one of our guided tours where we will give you more in depth explanation about the how and why of our projects. Or if you want to learn how to do things hands on yourself you can join us for one of the workshops we offer.

Simply Bed & Breakfast, St. Jean de Duras, South West France

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Come and visit our 5 hectare permaculture garden. A lovely outing for friends, the entire family, groups or schools. Regular guided tours and workshops. Situated in Saint Jean de Duras, between Bergerac, Duras & Eymet on the border of the Lot et Garonne et Dordogne departments

Sandra & Santi: Bonac, 47120, Saint Jean de Duras
I: www.simplypermaculture.com
E: hello @ simplypermaculture.com
T:+33 (0) 681768594
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